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Steward doing a bow
The following classes are held in seven week sessions for $100. They are grouped by level with 1 being beginner/introductory and 3 being advanced. Both daytime and evening classes will be available based on demand. Class size is limited to ensure that the needs of all students and dogs are met and so that class can progress at its own rate.
The first two sessions, (7 weeks makes a session), taken in succession will be $100 each. When taking a third class in succession a discounted rate of $80 will be given, except CU class, which will remain at $100 per session.
If a level 3 class is not full, we may offer a 'drop-in' rate.  With advance approaval,  a dog and handler team may take a class without taking the entire session and pay as they go.  The rate for a 'drop-in' is $20.
Private Lessons
Private lessons can be arranged for situations ranging from puppy manners and behavioral problems,  to more advanced training for the competitive dog and handler.
Private lessons available on a one-to-one basis. $50 for the first meeting (takes about 1 hour). During our first meeting we will make a plan for the dog/handler team. Follow up sessions of 1/2 hour are $30.
Level One Classes

Beginner Basic
(AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. program for puppies under 1 year)
This is a class designed for puppies and dogs that have not had any formal training. Skills instructed include: the sit, the down, stay, come, as well as walking on a leash and sociability with other dogs.
Discussion topics include: housebreaking, how to take a leadership role with your dog, proper feeding and crate training.
A good starting place for most dogs starting formal training.
Intermediate Basic
In this class the basics are reviewed with added expectations, plus the AKC's CGC exercises are learned and practiced.  Also, the second half of each class, a new dog sport will be introduced including clicker, tricks, rally, canine fitness, nose work and agility.
Level Two Classes

Advanced Basic
This is a class for dogs that have passed the Beginner Basic class or have mastered those skills.
Many of the basic skills covered in the Beginner class are covered but with higher expectations. For example, there will be emphasis on off-leash control of your dog. A large component of this class is developing the skills required in the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen’s (CGC) test.
During the last class session the CGC test will be given. The goal for this class will be to pass each part of CGC test with training aids (treats). The student may chose, however, to take the test for certification by abiding by all the rules and regulations of the AKC.
This class is designed to take more than once to master the skills for the CGC test for certification, although not required.
"CSC" Confidence and Self Control (CU)
Taught by Kristine Hammar
Using the methods of Leslie McDevitt's 'Control Unleashed' program. "Designed to teach dogs and puppies how to relax, focus, and work in stimulating and stressful situations."
Class size is limited to 4 dogs. 
​$100 per session.
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Level Three Classes
"Tricks for Clicks" ( l and ll)
Taught by Erica B.
Requirement – basic obedience is needed first
This class is designed for the dog and handler to work as a team extending their basic manners by learning 'tricks', through fun, play and the use of clickers. It's a fun class to learn different skills that can show off your dog.
Now working toward earning titles with AKC.
"Dog Scents" (Intro, l, ll & lll)
Taught by Joan D. and Joan W.
A new class designed to use the dog's nose to search, find, and detect through games and fun. Good for all dogs of all ages. Builds confidence in shy dogs and focus in active dogs.
"Level Three Fun Class"  (Currently not being offered)
Taught by Joan D.
A fun, active, class combinding Dog Scent, Rally FrEe and Tricks.   Goals for this class will be;  1) for dogs to locate and indiate the scent of birch in a box in a line of boxes,  2) learn and do Novice Rally FrEe courses,  and 3) earn their Novice 'Tricks' title from 'Do more with your dog'.
RAC (Rally, Agility & CGC)  (Currently not being offered)
This is a class for dogs that can pass the components of the CGC test with or without training aids. RAC integrates the three areas of training, Rally, Agility and CGC. Rally, a relatively new sport, requires you and your dog to complete an obedience course by following the directions given on Rally signs. The signs name the skill to be executed, for example, healing around cones or performing a ‘moving down’, as well as leading you and your dog to the next sign. The basic Rally skills are introduced and level I courses will be practiced.
The Agility component of this course introduces you and your dog to the basics of this sport including training on ‘contact pieces’, low jump sequences and handling techniques.
The CGC component is included in each week’s training. The goal being that your dog will pass the CGC test, following AKC rules and regulations, by the end of the session.
Beginner Rally (l & ll)
These classes are for dogs that have passed Advanced Basic or equivalent. These classes continue to develop focus and attention while introducing Rally Level l & ll signs and courses.
Advance Rally (ll & lll)
Taught by Lorraine
These classes are for dogs and handlers seeking to continue their progress in the sport of Rally. Attention and focus training as well as more advanced skills are practiced each week. Run-throughs on Level ll & lll courses are performed.
Rally FrEe (l & ll)  (Currently not being offered)
Taught by Bridget M.
A new dog sport that combines Rally Obedience and moves from Freestyle obedience.
Heeling to Music  (Currently not being offered)
Taught by Kristine H.
This class is great for fitness, confidence building, and fun.  Our focus is on the dog's movement - no handler dancing is required for this class.  Throughout the session you will learn:  different movement patterns with your dog on the floor, exercises to build your dog's enthusiasm and enjoyment, and how to showcase your dog's strengths.  In addition, we will work on elements of the Preliminary and pre-Bronze level patterns for the Cyber Rally-O Dance Divisions.  
Foundation Agility
Giving a dog a good foundation to agility is very important. This class is designed for all ages as long as they have advance basic obedience. All dogs must have reliable stays and recalls.
Jump Class (l & ll)
Taught by Cathy M.
Teaching dogs proper jump technique and sequencing.
These classes are for dogs and trainers that want to further their skills in agility. Trouble shooting exercises as well as courses are done. With the instructors help, we can find the right level class for you and your dog.
By Approval of Instructors:
Beginner Agility
Intermediate Agility
Master Agility
Foxy playing the piano in 'Tricks'
Dakota doing a search in 'Dog Scent' (Nose Work)
Joan with Xena in Rally 
Serina in Rally
Bridget with Truely in Rally FrEe
Kristine with Bandit in Rally FrEe